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Friday, December 19, 2014

Crawl Spaces and Pest Control

Crawl Spaces and Pest Control

Did you know that moisture in crawl spaces can potentially hurt you're home?  Yes, crawl spaces can potentially be a bad thing if moisture is present and not properly leaving the crawl space. Moisture in a crawl space can provide a perfect habitat for many potentially bad things such as molds, fungi and numerous insects. In cases where the ground in a crawl seems moist or wet most of the time an inspection for leaks and proper drainage may be needed. Most moisture issues in a crawl space can be corrected.

A moisture barrier is a must in moist crawl spaces to help reduce or minimize the growth of fungi and molds. In many cases if the crawl is wet a Vapor Barrier will be called for my the inspecting termite company as the vapor barrier can help reduce the possibilities of these wood destroying organisms.

We recommend that the crawl space door be sealed completely, the vents in the stemwall of the crawl space be opened to allow proper air circulation which should help with evaporation of moisture in the crawl space. It also keeps a good flow of air circulating to help reduce that stagnant smell so many crawl spaces tend to have.

How does all this have anything to do with pest control? Well, pests thrive in moist environments so by reducing the moisture in a crawl space you can help reduce the number of insect pests and animal pest that may consider the crawl space home. This will also help to reduce pests that may be getting inside the home.

Make sure you have a crawl space door/entry that is well sealed and keep in maintained. This will help reduce pests from gaining access to the crawlspace.  Click link for more on pest control services .

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