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Monday, November 2, 2015

EnviroTech Exterminating Bed Bug Heat Treatment

EnviroTech Exterminating Bed Bug Heat Treatment. Serving Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby and the metro Tulsa area

A horrible trend has been occurring locally with bedbug infestations. I personally have seen a rise in the number of bed bug cases in Tulsa and the surrounding area and this trend can be blamed on a number of factors. Some factors include people moving from homes or apartments with bedbugs to other properties thus spreading this pest to the new home. They can be also spread via people that have them accidentally leaving eggs or even live bedbugs at a movie theater, favorite place to eat, a library, a school... All places where human activity is present can potentially get bed bugs.

So, what can you do to protect your home or business from getting bed bugs in the first place? Well, there is no real preventative measure that will insure you don't get these pests. All you can really do is be proactive in minimizing the chances. How do you do this? Well, first you must not spend time in places that you know have bedbugs. Now, we know that in most cases you will not know if somebody or a place has bedbugs but staying away from hoes that do is a good start. Look for signs of bed bug activity, spotting on chairs, mattresses, bed frames, or even seeing live bedbugs on the walls or crawling on a bed. If you see these things that's pretty much all the evidence you need to stay away from where you see them.

Don't buy used furniture without inspecting the furniture first. Used mattresses and boxsprings are not a good idea. If you even think bedbugs might be present do not sit down or rub up against the furniture. Have regular pest control services done at you're home or business. This will not stop a bedbug infestation but it sure could help by putting a layer of protection down to reduce the chances of bedbugs even making it. Keep in mind, bedbugs usually come in on the body, on clothing or on something you bring into the home. Bedbugs are introduced into a structure usually by people visiting, working or living in the structure.

What treatment options are available to deal with bed bug pest problems?

You have a few options available here.

First, you can study this pest, learn all about them and their life cycle and do you're own pest control services. This way for the vast majority of people does not work out. In the end they usually have spent a great deal of money on pest control products and time with little to no control of the bed bugs.

Hire a professional to treat the bed bug problem with pesticides: You can have a professional pest control operator do a chemical treatment. This could be like gambling. If the operator knows what they are doing, has done many of these treatments you can get them under control this way in light to mild infestations. It however may require a series of pest control applications and these treatments require pesticides to be placed all over the structure. It's not the same as a general pest control treatment service and the costs of chemical treatments can vary. Once done the costs could be higher then a heat treatment as multiple services may be needed. This may also require vacating the property for the night to allow the chemicals to dry before re-entry to the home or structure. A usually the bedbugs are not all killed or gone at the time of service.

Hire a professional to do a heat treatment service: Heat is a known killer of bedbugs. A professionally done heat treatment can eradicate bedbugs. This likely is the quickest way of getting relief and requires the least amount of follow-up work. Success rates are far higher of success with heat over just chemical.

Freezing the bedbugs: This may work to kill some bedbugs but it does not get cold enough in Oklahoma for a long enough period of time. Bedbugs are frozen with freeze machines but this may be better suited for localized areas of a known infestation and leaves much to risk.

Steam: Steam kills bedbugs but this like freezing them might be better suited as a part of a bedbug control plan.

Chemical and Heat Treatment: This provides both fast relief from bedbugs and a residual in place just in case. It also is nice if you have concerns that bedbugs have been spread to you're vehicle.

So what's next? Well, obviously you need to first inquire about a bedbug treatment, set the appointment and get the home ready. EnviroTech Exterminating offers Heat and or Chemical Treatment Services. We even offer a totally green service available with our heat treatment if desired for additional protection. We can customize you're service to meet the needs of you're unique situation because every infestation is different and every household is different. Visit Bed Bug Control Services for more information. Our local service area include Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Owasso but with bed bug treatments we do offer services to areas such as Haskell, Muskogee, Okmulgee, Skiatook, Pryor. A nominal trip charge may be accessed for areas outside the local treatment area. Call EnviroTech and get a Bed Bug Preparations Sheet emailed so you can get your structure ready for service.

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