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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Broken Arrow Pest Control

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Broken Arrow Pest Control

The pest are in full swing now with termites swarming and ants invading homes and property. The mild winter makes for one of the earliest springs we have seen which means more bugs, pests, insects than we typically see. EnviroTech Exterminating offers pest control, termite control, termite inspection services and wildlife animal removal here locally in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby and Coweta, Oklahoma.

If you need Broken Arrow Pest Control or service in any of our service areas don't hesitate to call (918) 282-7621 today. EnviroTech will be happy to come help with your pest problem. Our Spring Specials include $20 Off Initial Pest Control Treatment and up to $100 Off Termite Treatment and Termite Control. Don't let bugs, pests take a bite out of you. Call the Pro's at EnviroTech today. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring Pest Control and Termite Help, Green, Organic Solutions

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With it looking like an early spring this year the pests will be in full force a little early. One thing homeowners can do to help control general pests such as ants, spiders, cockroaches is apply diatomateous earth. This product can be purchased at a variety of places such as feed stores, hardware stores and greenhouses. EnviroTech Exterminating also recommends regular spring cleaning to reduce clutter. Removing the clutter in homes helps you and the pest control operator to provide better treatment.

As we move into the spring season watch for termite swarmers. The termites way of infesting new property is by introducing new colonies of termites by swarming and setting up a new colony in your property. Since termites live their lives in the ground and don't typically come out to see daylight, an infestation can go without being noticed. EnviroTech Exterminating offers multiple solutions to termite issues. We offer Termidor, Premise 75 and Univar Masterline products to fit all budgets. All three of these products provide excellent control of termite colonies. By offering all three we are able to offer termite control and treatment at a reduced cost compared to our competitors.

EnviroTech Exterminating offers a variety of services. EnviroTech offer's green, organic pest control as well as traditional pest control services, termite inspections, termite control and nuisance wildlife animal removal. Give us a call at (918) 282-7621 to schedule your pest control services today.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

EnviroTech Exterminating, Broken Arrow Pest Control New Product

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Broken Arrow Pest Control

EnviroTech Exterminating provides pest control services, exterminator, termite control and nuisance wildlife animal control for Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby and Coweta, Oklahoma.

EnviroTech has added Bayer Suspend Polyzone to it's line of pest control products. This new product offers excellent protection against a variety of insect pests and longer residuals for better protection. Please feel free to read the specifics taken from the Bayer website.

Suspend Polyzone

Suspend Polyzone™ features a proprietary polymer layer that protects the active ingredient from weather, irrigation and mechanical abrasion. This controlled release formulation, which resists erosion, ensures your treatment will continue to control targeted pests for up to 90 days outdoors. It also stays right where you put it, so if you want to increase the effectiveness of your treatments, put the science of Suspend Polyzone to work for you.
The only solution with a proven 90-day outdoor residual
  • Exclusive polymer technology ensures the active ingredient stays where it’s applied after drying and protects it from weather, irrigation and mechanical interference
  • Remains efficacious for up to 90 days on aggressive substrates, including high alkaline surfaces such as cement
  • Polymer layer ensures more active ingredient remains available over a longer period of time
  • Longer residual means you maintain control with fewer applications
  • Better, more uniform distribution of active ingredient particles than possible with conventional SC formulations
  • Provides option to increase the interval between perimeter pest management services
  • Proven reduction in callback frequency

Pests controlled

Ants, bed bugs, boxelder bugs, brown marmorated stink bugs, carpenter ants, carpet beetles, centipedes, clothes moths, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, firebrats, fleas, flies, fruit flies, gnats, hornets, millipedes, moths, multi-colored Asian lady beetles, pillbugs, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, ticks, wasps, yellow jackets

EnviroTech Exterminating offers pest control with the best pest controlling products on the market. No Shortcuts, No Inferior Products, just excellent application of the best available products to meet our clients high standards. EnviroTech Raises the Standard in Pest Control.

Contact EnviroTech Exterminating at (918) 282-7621 to schedule service today. You can also visit our Pest Control  website.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

EnviroTech Exterminating Pest Control of Broken Arrow Revises Website

EnviroTech Exterminating
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EnviroTech has made revisions to their pest control services website. In an effort to build company branding online and in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow pest control marketplace EnviroTech felt changes were in need. "We are not the type of business to sit still and let things happen. We are in the business of protecting families from pests and we make things happen." Billy Howard. EnviroTech Exterminating offers a variety of pest services from green, organic pest control to termite treatment and wildlife animal removal, relocation. They provide all the pest services of the bigger, nationwide companies but are locally owned and operated in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Excellent service and expert pest control services is what they are about.

Read the EnviroTech Exterminating pest control press release.  If you or somebody you know need pest control services you can reach EnviroTech Exterminating at (918) 282-7621.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Termite Treatment & Control of Subterranean Termites: EnviroTech Exterminating

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Broken Arrow Pest Control 

Termite Swarmers ( Termite Alates)
EnviroTech Exterminating would like to remind our readers that we offer Termite Inspections and Termite Treatment for the control of subterranean termites. We offer excellent choices for control of termites with multiple products to fit any budget. EnviroTech offers Termidor, Premise 75 and Masterline for control and treatment of termite colonies. These products go right to work in getting a subterranean termite infestation under control.

Termite Infestation Levels

Oklahoma has huge colonies of termites in it's soil. As you can see from the map above, our Tulsa area soil is heavily infested with termites and we have the perfect weather here for termites to thrive. Once that humid air starts pushing up from the Gulf of Mexico in March we start seeing termite swarmers (termite alates). These termites swarm and seek out new breading grounds. Don't let your home be their choices.

Termites need protection and cover as they cannot stay in direct sunlight long. Termites will seek to establish their colony by the male king and female queen loosing their wings and seeking the security of moist soil and structure. Once this is found they will begin mating and forming a new termite colony.

Flying Ant Left                       Termite Swarmer Right

Termite Colony Destroying Home
Here is a depiction of how termites gain access to your home and the entry points to the structure that they easily find. You can clearly see they forage for food and stay out of the damaging light by building tunnels to protect themselves. Termites can be present but go without notice. Termites find cracks in the homes slab, forage through the ground in crawl spaces, live inside void spaces and in walls. They require water but easily can move from ground level where the moisture is to the wood which also contains moisture termites need with little standing in their way. This is why homeowners should have their property inspected yearly for any termite activity. Trust your homes protection from termites with a termite treatment by EnviroTech Exterminating. Call (918) 282-7621 and ask about a termite treatment estimate today.

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EnviroTech Exterminating provides pest control services and exterminator services for Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and Muskogee metro areas.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pest Control Broken Arrow: Bed Bug Bites

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Professional Pest Control Services

Bed Bug Bites
Being in the pest control industry we often are asked, what do bed bug bites look like. We would like to discuss this question in some detail and hopefully this blog offers some answers.
Bed bug bites look very different from one person to another. Some bed bug bites are larger, some smaller, some have a red dot in the center, or a scab, others don’t, some look like mosquito bites or pimples.  Some experts say that whether you get multiple bites in a pattern may have to do with whether the bed bug is disturbed while feeding (if you move, they may move and start over) or if your veins are easily accessed by the bed bugs (if they are, they need pierce only once).

Bed bug bite reactions differ from person to person.  Some look and feel like mosquito or flea bites. Again, some people don’t react at all. On the opposite extreme, others get big itchy welts that take two or more weeks to heal. There’s a myth that bed bug bites occur in threes (“breakfast, lunch, and dinner”), but it’s not true. Bites can occur singly, in clumps, or in a line. Bites can show up within hours—or two weeks later.

Bed bugs usually feed while people sleep but if they’re hungry and given the opportunity, they feed anytime. Bed bugs sense carbon dioxide from animals and people.  Many people react to the saliva, getting itchy bumps or rashes. After feeding for about five minutes, drawing only a drop or two of blood, bugs return to their harborage location. Although bed bugs can live for over a year without feeding, they typically seek blood every five to ten days depending on room temperature.

Bed bugs live off only blood—like mosquitoes do and they typically prefer to feed on people. They’re attracted by warmth and the presence of carbon dioxide—what we breathe out. They usually feed about an hour before dawn, but given the opportunity, they may feed at other times of day or night.
Remember—not everyone reacts to bed bug bites. You can have an extreme reaction while your companion or other household members have no signs of bed bug bites.

The only way to know for sure what is biting you is to find a bug and get it properly identified.  A thorough inspection is the only way to determine if you need bed bug control.  Bed bugs are extremely good at hiding and a bug inspection should be done by a pest control company that is extremely knowledgeable in finding signs of bed bug activity.

EnviroTech Exterminating offers Bed Bug treatment, control as well as pest control, nuisance animal wildlife removal and termite treatment, termite control. EnviroTech is locally owned and operated in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. We provide a variety of pest control services to residents, business and commercial accounts. EnviroTech Exterminating provides it's customers an excellent choice in pest control

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

EnviroTech Exterminating: Nuisance Wildlife Animal Removal - Bigfoot

EnviroTech Exterminating
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Broken Arrow Pest Control

Nuisance Wildlife Animal Removal
At EnviroTech Exterminating we specialize in the removal of many species of nuisance wildlife animals. We remove pests such as squirrels, raccoon, opossum, armadillo, skunk, gopher, even Bigfoot. EnviroTech offer's humane wildlife trapping and removal, relocation services of all nuisance wildlife pests. If you hear animals in your attic you might want to give EnviroTech a call.

Pests such as raccoons and squirrels chew into your electric lines in the attic, they leave feces and urine in the insulation & drywall which provides a great foundation for mold spores and other organisms to grow. Nuisance wildlife such as these are responsible for a high number of house fires, respiratory illness, diseases such as rabies and many hours of sleepless nights. If you have a nuisance wildlife animal issue that requires attention, contact EnviroTech Exterminating at (918) 282-7621. We provide pest control services for Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta & Muskogee.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Broken Arrow Pest Control

EnviroTech Exterminating
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Broken Arrow Pest Control

Finally some winter weather, not that we got much but with this recent cold front maybe the fleas, ticks and mosquitoes will not be nearly as bad this year as I figured they would be. We were in need of this weather as I was beginning the think Oklahoma had become a winter destination for people looking for warm weather.  Pests are controlled somewhat by the weather and these cold fronts are great to limit the reproductive patterns of many pests. The only problem with having cold air masses move in is Rodents typically move in too. Broken Arrow Pest Control is changed somewhat by the weather. Enjoy the snow, what little we got and be happy we have spring near.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pest Control Broken Arrow

EnviroTech Exterminating
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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EnviroTech Exterminating of Broken Arrow has recently added new products to their line of pest control pesticides.

EnviroTech now offers Onslaught Microencapsulated Insecticide and Cyonara 9.7 Insecticide with Sigma Technology. Both products provide extended protection for ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, scorpions and a multitude of common household pests and insects.

"We are serious about our pest management program and our clients want the best treatment available. Anybody can quote a low price for pest control but consider what are you truly getting, an inferior product that has a short residual time. We use the latest products with longer residuals which provides better protection and a better value for your hard earned money. Anybody can offer a cheap price but what are you truly getting?"  Billy Howard - Owner.

EnviroTech is competitive regarding price but is a step ahead with their service and product line which gives them an edge. 

EnviroTech Exterminating offers pest control in Broken Arrow with cutting edge products. 

Both of these products bond better with the surfaces they make contact with and have a longer half life than what most of the competition uses. This provides the customer with a better residual and treatment that lasts longer than the industry average.  "We could use lower end pest products but were not in the business of cutting corners. We provide the best pest control products and services in our region." Billy Howard - EnviroTech Exterminating.

For a truly different experience contact EnviroTech Exterminating at (918) 282-7621 to see how their services can help with your pest problem.

EnviroTech Exterminating is a local leader in green, organic pest control, traditional pest control and exterminator services in Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and Muskogee metro area's including Broken Arrow.

Friday, February 10, 2012

EnviroTech Exterminating Nuisance Wildlife Animal Removal

EnviroTech Exterminating
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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EnviroTech Exterminating offers pest control and exterminator services but what many people don't know about is EnviroTech's Nuisance Wildlife Management Program. EnviroTech offers humane wildlife animal removal and relocation services to residential and commercial accounts in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks, Coweta and the surrounding Tulsa metro area. This service offers the removal and relocation of pests such as Raccoons, Squirrels, Opossum, Skunk, Gopher and other pest animals considered nuisance animals. Read a recent press release about the EnviroTech Exterminating Nuisance Wildlife Program at Broken Arrow Wildlife Removal. Remember, EnviroTech offers organic pest control as well as traditional pest control programs, termite inspections and termite treatment, control options.

EnviroTech Exterminating is a leading pest and nuisance wildlife control company in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. EnviroTech's a leader in the organic, green pest control movement. For service please call (918) 282-7621

Thursday, February 9, 2012

EnviroTech Exterminating Pest Control & Termite Treatment Discounts: SAVE!

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EnviroTech Exterminating is offering $20 off General Pest Control and/or up to $100 off Termite Control or Termite Treatment. EnviroTech offers FREE ESTIMATES! so call (918) 282-7621 Today. This offer DOES NOT REQUIRE a 12 month contract. Try us and let our service speak for itself without binding you to a contract.

To get the coupon click Broken Arrow Exterminator & Pest Control  or use coupon code GotPest when you set up your Free Estimate. EnviroTech Exterminating offers excellent service and a broad range of treatment options from eco-friendly, GREEN pest services to exterminator services with products that can provide protection for up to six months. EnviroTech Exterminating is a leader in providing Green Pest Control for the Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Jenks and Bixby market. Many exterminators offer pest services but EnviroTech Exterminating offers quality, excellent service, a locally owned and operated business and top notch products without cutting corners. If the Pests won't rest call us.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

EnviroTech Exterminating Pest Control With Insect Growth Regulators "IGR"

EnviroTech Exterminating
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Broken Arrow Exterminator Services

What is IGR in Pest Control?

What is IGR in Pest Control?thumbnail
Farmers time the application of IGRs with insect life cycles.
IGR stands for "insect growth regulator" and it is used in insecticides to prevent larval or juvenile insects from maturing into destructive pests. While technically not a toxin, IGRs cause larval development or molting to be arrested, and the insect will eventually die without maturing. IGRs are used for a variety of different insect pests in many types of formulations for different uses.

  1. Chitin Inhibitors

    • The hard exoskeleton of insects is made of chitin.
      Insect progress through different stages of development. For insects to pass from the larval stage to a juvenile or adult stage, they must form a hard exoskeleton. This requires the production of chitin, a type of protein that makes up the exoskeleton. Chitin inhibitors disrupt the synthesis of chitin and prevent the insect from further development. Common chitin inhibitors include diflubenzuron, cyromazine, novaluron and buprofezin.

    Hormonal Disruptors

    • Insect larval development is arrested by hormonal disruptors.
      Hormonal disruptors are used to prevent insects from molting. The primary molting hormone, ecdysone, is targeted with this type of IGR. Juvenile hormone mimics cause premature molting and deformation of wings and reproductive parts, making the insects less likely to reproduce or become pests. Common juvenile hormone mimics are pyriproxyfen, kinoprene, tebufenozide and methoxyfenozide.

    Ecdysone Inhibitors

    • Larva unable to molt will die.
      The primary molting hormone, ecdysone, is targeted with this type of IGR. When the normal signal for a pupa or larva to molt is blocked, it will not molt and the insect will die. Azadirachtin is an IGR that is chemically very similar to ecdysone and is used in most ecdysone-inhibiting IGRs.

    Household Insect Pests

    • IGRs are specially formulated to be applied directly to pets.
      Fleas, ticks, roaches and other indoor insect pests are controlled by IGRs. Photostable IGRs can be applied inside and around the outside of the house. Products containing methoprene are used to control fleas. Methoprene and fipronil in special formulations can be applied topically to dogs and cats. Products containing nylar are photostable and can be used indoors or outdoors against fleas and roaches. Hydropene is for indoor use only and is effective against roaches and other pantry pests such as beetles, weevils and moths.


    • Dragonflies are beneficial insect predators.
      Most IGRs are considered "reduced-risk" vs. insecticides that directly kill insects. IGRs are engineered to affect narrower ranges of pests and can be less toxic to pets, livestock, humans and other wildlife. Chitin inhibitors may be toxic to non-pest insect species such as predatory insects, as well as arthropods and possibly fish. Some IGRs are not photostable--they break down quickly in sunlight, so they are for indoor use only.


    • Applying IGRs at the right time makes them most efficient.
      IGRs are best used early in the season when insects are developing from larval or pupal stages. They can also be used a few days after applying an insecticide to kill adult insects. Timing or additional excipients may be required to make IGRs most effective. Read manufacturer's instructions for proper use. IGRs are not "knockdown" insecticides. They require a period of time to be effective.

EnviroTech Exterminating Provides Exterminator Services for Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby, Coweta and Muskogee area Commercial and Residential Customers. Our Pest Protection Program Includes Use Of IGR. Contact EnviroTech at (918) 282-7621 To Schedule Pest Control Services Today.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Metro Broken Arrow, OK Rodent Mice, Mouse & Rat Control

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EnviroTech Exterminating has been having great success in controlling both Rodent mice and rats in our local Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby and Tulsa metro area.

Rodents, Mice and Rats are Disease Spreading Pests. They are likely to move to homes during all seasons. Any disturbance in their environment such as rain, cold weather, ground disturbance like home building, dirt being moved and so many other factors triggers these pests to move. They look for shelter, food, water and if you have a colony, or one nearby then it's likely that your home may become theirs.

Rodent Mouse, Mice Leave Feces, Urine. Spread Disease & Contaminate Food
Once settled in these pests can be a real nightmare. Finding their droppings in your cabinets, pantry, in your stove, in your closets and any place these varmints harbor. If you provide the food source, the water source it becomes a relationship like letting your old friend who won't get a job & won't leave. These pests bum off you and they contaminate your food sources.  They urinate and leave feces in, on your stove, the same one you bake with, they leave their urine on your floor, on your bed, your children's bed and your counter tops.

Rodents are a serious pest problem and sure you can set traps, use over the counter baits but to really control a Rodent problem you need a professional pest control company such as EnviroTech Exterminating. We specialize in the control of Mice, Rats and other Rodents. We look for entry points, use the best baits available on the market, do exclusions to help keep infestations under control. Don't share your meals, your home with these little pests. Call EnviroTech Exterminating at (918) 282-7621 to get a treatment program set up today.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tired of Being Bugged? Pest Control Winter Pests, Broken Arrow, OK

EnviroTech Exterminating
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Tired of Being Bugged? How to Keep Winter Pests at Bay in and Around Your Home

by Michele Dawson

It seems that every winter while we're trying to stay warm and cozy, so are all sorts of bugs and rodents that creep into our houses and garages.
Why wouldn't they want to make a home for themselves in your home - after all, who (or what) wouldn't want to partake in the comfort your home offers?
But you probably have a different take on the situation. It's not a compliment that these things are trying to share your living space - it's a nuisance at best and unhealthy at worst.
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, common diseases spread by insects and rodents include hantavirus, leptospirosis, rabies, tularemia, West Nile Virus, tapeworms, salmonella, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, strep, staph, polio, murine typhus, malaria, Lyme disease, dysentery, dengue, cholera and plague.
But never fear. If you know how to arm yourself you can likely handle the infestation, whether you do it yourself or hire professionals.
The National Pest Management Association , an association made up of pest control companies, lists mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons and opossums among the rodents that may try to infiltrate your home between October and February.
Signs include scampering or gnawing sounds late at night in the attic or behind walls, and droppings found in undisturbed areas of the house (pantries, attics, garages, under baseboards, and along walls).
These fuzzy creatures are destructive. They'll chew through packaged goods, cardboard boxes, walls near pipes and vents, and electrical wiring.
If you have a rodent problem, you're not alone. The NPMA says that 21 million households in the U.S. fight rodent infestations each year during the winter.
Common points of entry include pet doors, holes in walls, missing vent screens, openings around pipes and dryer duct vents ¾ even openings as small as a nickel or half dollar.
So what can you do to keep them out? The NPMA suggests sealing all holes of larger diameter than a pencil, sealing any cracks and voids, and making sure there's proper drainage at the foundation, including gutters or diverts which channel water away from your home.
According to the NPMA, common home-invader insects include cockroaches, termites, ants, flies, pantry pests, wasps, fleas, ticks, spiders and silverfish.
To prevent infestation, keep gutters free of debris, repair fascia and soffits, replace rotted or broken roof shingles, prune vegetation back from roof, caulk around windows and doors, replace weather stripping and repair loose mortar around basement foundation and windows, and make sure attic vents are in good condition.
For more extensive do-it-yourself tips, visit, a company with experience in the pest control industry. You can also contact us by phone at (918) 282-7621.

Bixby, Oklahoma Pest Control & Termite Treatment

EnviroTech Exterminating 
Got Pests? Call (918) 282-7621

EnviroTech Exterminating offers Nuisance Wildlife Removal, Pest Control Service, Termite Treatment and Inspections to residents & commercial services in Bixby, Oklahoma. EnviroTech is one of the few locally owned and operated Pest Control companies offering both Conventional Pest Control and/or Green Eco-Friendly Pest Control Services. We are not just green but very Green!  Located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma EnviroTech Exterminating Serves both the local Bixby and Jenks areas.

With Spring closing in EnviroTech Exterminating is offering a special discount running till May 15th 2012 to Bixby, Oklahoma residents.  Enjoy 10% off our Eco-Friendly Pest Control or take 10% off or Conventional Pest Services.  This offer is valid for Spiders, Wasps, Fleas, Cockroaches, Ants, Bed Bugs and many other pests considered in general household pests.  We also offer Rodent Control. 

EnviroTech Exterminating doesn't skimp out by using inferior products.  We use the best products available and offer our services with Insect Growth Regulators to help control the reproduction of pests such as Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Ants and Fleas.  EnviroTech Exterminating prides itself by offering the best Pest Control Services in Bixby. 

Call us at (918) 282-7621 to schedule your pest control services today.  Regardless of the pest EnviroTech can help.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Broken Arrow Pest Control Services: Bed Bugs and Bedbug Control Questions

EnviroTech Exterminating
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Q:   My wife works in a large hospital and witnessed their in-house pest control person do a bed bug inspection by simply kicking the bed frame in a room, and when no bed bugs ran out he declared it free-and-clear.  In a room where he did find the bugs, he stated that certain equipment could be moved out of the room, because the bedbugs could not hide on it. Your thoughts?

A:   This sounds like someone might not have their information all correct.  Bed Bugs are a serious problem. In fact, one bed bugs are found in an environment (such as a hospital), the entire building is likely infested. Perhaps your wife could raise her concerns through the hospitals normal channels.  Bed bugs not only can be found in beds, but also on equipment moving from room to room, with the female bedbugs depositing eggs as they do. These eggs are small and typically move about on clothing, beds, equipment or any luggage without notice.  This is why the Bed Bug is spreading so rapidly and without any boundaries.  Professional pest control treatment is needed in this situation. 

If you have a need for an exterminator for pests such as bedbugs please feel free to contact EnviroTech Exterminating.  We service Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby and Coweta, Oklahoma.  Call (918) 282-7621 Today!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Broken Arrow, OK: Take 10% Off Termite Treatment & Pest Control

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Special! Special! Broken Arrow, Oklahoma homeowners! Take 10% Off a Termite Treatment. EnviroTech Exterminating is offering this special to all spring 2012 customers.  This special grants you, the customer a 10% Discount on a Termidor Termite Treatment and/or Premise Termite Treatment.  Don't let Termites take a bite out of your home.  Termites do over 5 Billion Dollars a Year in Damage. Call (918) 282-7621 today to schedule your free Termite Treatment Estimate.  EnviroTech Exterminating also offers Termite Inspection Services.