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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Natural, Green Pest Control Services

Natural, Green Pest Control Services

By: Billy Howard 
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Today I want to take a moment to talk about some of the reasons why a customer chooses to use our natural, green pest control services.

Every day we as Americans are bombarded with toxins. We eat foods treated with pesticides and drink water treated with chemicals. With population growth comes higher food demands. As a country, a world with a growing population the demands for more food and clean water require more chemicals and pesticides. We need food that we grow to produce faster and more resistant to insects so it's not ruined. All these human induced pressures means we must use more pesticides and usable potable water from places that we may not have been treating in the first place.

Sewage water is being treated in places to irrigate golf courses, and other land due to water shortage issues. Desalination plants are becoming more and more popular as a means of treating sea water. The truth is as more people populate the globe more methods of maintaining these populations are necessary thus the need for more chemical and pesticides to produce larger crops to feed the masses, water to keep a growing population alive.

Green Pest Control Services.. Safer For What Matters Most

  With all the toxins we are subjected to daily it's not a bad idea to consider using green pesticides rather than synthetic pesticides in your home. I'm not going to tell you one is better than the other as they both do their job. With a proper Integrated Pest Management "IPM" program you may find that you're business, home doesn't need the highly toxic pesticides and can use something more natural or greener.

Some circumstances where you may want to use a green pesticide over a synthetic:

1) You have customers in and out that may smell the synthetic pesticides. I've been to restaurants with my family, walked in the door and almost been knocked down by the smell of synthetic pesticides. I knew from the smell of the pesticide that they just had a roach treatment recently. The smells were strong and we decided to go eat somewhere else.

2) You are concerned that your employees/family may have allergies to synthetic pesticides. Many people have allergies or even asthma.

3) You have young children in you're household. Babies that are at crawling stage constantly put their fingers in their mouths. Less Toxic pesticides are better then more Toxic pesticides in this situation.

4) You don't have a serious pest problem and want the least amount of toxins but still want to reduce pest populations and keep them under control. There truly may be no need for a synthetic pesticide in your unique situation.

One thing I want to make sure people understand is Green may not necessarily mean Organic. An Organic pesticide may be made of things like mint oils, garlic, neem oil and other essential oils. A Green pesticide may be made of a pyrethrin. The product of a plant that most pesticides are made from. It attacks the nerve center of insects. Most synthetic pesticides are derived from taking this pyrethrin and synthesizing it to make a pyrethroid.

Hopefully this blog posting gives you at least some insight on why you may be better off using green pest control services rather then using a synthetic. If you are a residential property owner or business owner/manager that is interested in a Green IPM Service please feel free to call us at (918) 282-7621 to schedule an appointment. I'd be happy to help... For more on our services visit us at Pest Control Services today. EnviroTech services the Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby metro area and is locally owned and operated.

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mole and Gopher Services in Broken Arrow, Jenks & Bixby, OK

Mole and Gopher Services in Broken Arrow, Jenks & Bixby, Oklahoma.

You know moles and gophers are destructive little pests. They thrive where food sources are plentiful. Ever notice as you're driving down the road all the mounds of dirt in clusters from these critters? Moles and gophers are active year round so you will see these mounds regardless of the time of year. They can be destructive to a yard since gophers eat roots and the moles leave tunnels in the soil.

A yard in Jenks with moles
So, why do you have moles or gophers? Well, moles chase after things like earth worms and grubs. They can sense, detect these creatures in soil so moles will follow them around depleting them and moving. This is why a neighborhood that has them will see yard after yard infested with these pests. Once they deplete the food in a yard they just move next door and then back and forth.

Gophers love roots so if you plant a garden, spend time working in the yard planting flowers, plants and so forth then gophers could be a problem. Gophers differ from moles in many ways. They are after different foods, moles are gophers look nothing alike and gophers tunnel deep into soil where moles prefer the area closer to the surface where their food is easily found and the soil easier to tunnel through. Gophers can dig deep in the soil and may have living quarters a few feet down.

So what do we do about these pests? First thing I always look at is the soil types that we are finding these animals in. If you live in the souther parts of Broken Arrow, Jenks or Bixby then it's likely you may have sandy loam soil. This soil is found in area's closer to the Arkansas River. These animals thrive in sandy loam soil types. If you start going north the soil changes to more of a mix and then to other soil types which can be harder to tunnel through for these animals. They don't prefer clay nearly as much as sandy loam. I would say this is likely the reason Jenks, Bixby and Broken Arrow tend to have more issues with moles then I see in the north eastern cities.

We can of course trap them, which helps but may not be a total solution since they migrate and move around. Once you do this you may just be inviting you're neighbor's moles over to take control of the areas you just cleared. They can be poisoned but once again you may end up just seeing more move in because of the competition being removed. They can be smoked out with products that kill them but once again it may not be a total solution. They can be driven out with products that make what they eat taste horrible but yet this may not be a total solution. The truth is that nothing is a total solution for these animals because they are pests that migrate. Most people will tend to have moles or gophers because of where they live. It's kind of like having ants every spring... It just happens.

EnviroTech can help by looking at your unique situation and determining what may work best for the area, place, soil type you may have. Sometimes the best thing is a combination of methods. Sometimes depending on what's around you only one method is needed. I would recommend scheduling an appointment to find out what may be the best way to help your mole/gopher problem.

No matter what you decide to do about these pests I hope this page at least helps you to understand these animals better.

You can visit Mole and Gopher Control for more information or call us at (918) 282-7621 to schedule an appointment.

EnviroTech Exterminating is locally owned and operated in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and services the entire metro area.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Termite Inspection, Termite Treatment and Control in Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby, Oklahoma

Termite Inspection, Termite Treatment and Control Services in Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby, Oklahoma.

By: EnviroTech Exterminating

With it now almost mid February it's time to start thinking about termites. Soon with temperatures rising and the humidity rising, termites will begin swarming. A termite swarm happens when a healthy colony of termites have grown to a large enough colony that the termites separate to form additional colonies. They usually don't make it to far as termites are not the best of flyers and they lose their wings relatively fast.

Termites found under hot water tank
Termites play a huge part of mother natures natural recycle process. These wood destroying pests eat up wood, rotting wood and any products made of wood to help in cleaning up our planet. These little pests are capable of eating the supports of a house, home, business or any structure if not treated.

When you buy a home most lenders require the home to be inspected for wood destroying organisms. This inspection is called a ODAFF1. The lender doesn't like to loan money on a home with active termites so they request this inspection. Lenders will happily loan the money on a home that is treated for termites but usually won't fund the purchase until proof of treatment has been provided. If termites are found and treatment is then provided the lender will require proof and at that time usually fund the purchase pending any other issues.

EnviroTech Exterminating offers wood destroying organism reports or inspections for clients in the process of purchasing a home. If termite activity is found a proposal for treatment can be provided at no additional cost. For those that already own their home EnviroTech does provide services to help protect the home from termite pests. Call (918) 282-7621 today to request an appointment. You can also visit Termite Control for more information about our termite inspection and treatment services.

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Broken Arrow Pest Control

Broken Arrow Pest Control

EnviroTech Exterminating is offering $25 OFF Initial Pest Control Services for the spring of 2015 and $100 Off Termite Treatment. Serving Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby, Oklahoma. These discounts are for General Pest and Termite Treatments. General Pest Control does NOT include pests such as Bed Bugs, Fleas, Mosquitoes and other parasitic insects.

EnviroTech offer's services to both commercial and residential property owners. For more information visit us at Broken Arrow Pest Control today.

EnviroTech Exterminating is locally owned and operated in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Nuisance Wildlife Removal Services in Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby, Oklahoma

Nuisance Wildlife Removal Services in Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby, Oklahoma

With winter soon turning to spring problem wildlife pests will begin having babies. This could be a problem if you have these wild animals living in your attic or crawl space. Some of the animals you need to be concerned and worried about are the grey squirrel, the raccoon, the opossum and of course skunks.

Squirrels chew wiring and ruin facia, soffit on the home. Raccoons urinate and leave their feces in large piles on the sheetrock between the ceiling joists. These piles are moist, carry possible disease and pathogens. The feces and urine is absorbed into the sheetrock and ruins it. If the raccoons are left in the attic space it will in a relatively quick manner turn into a family of raccoons and the amount of fecal matter and urine becomes more then the ceilings can hold and these animals will fall through the ceiling crashing into your bedroom, living room or whatever room they were nesting above.

Skunks are a problem due to an awful smell that comes from a gland in their anus. Once they spray the smell can be so strong that you cannot live or stay in the home. The smell will penetrate through walls, clothing, the beds and any other porous items in the home. Skunks dig around the structure to build nests. Sometimes they will enter crawl spaces or dig under the slab of a home. They need removed before they become a problem.

Opossums live in and around structures as well. They eat about anything they can find. These wildlife pests will go through the trash just like a dog or a raccoon will do. Opossums need removed from the property before they get stuck inside the walls or in the attic. They smell bad, they also can bite if handled.

Regardless of the pest you have living in your home, it needs removed. For more about wildlife pests visit us online at Nuisance Wildlife Pests

EnviroTech Exterminating Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Got Pests? Call (918) 282-7621.