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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Termite Services in Broken Arrow

Termite Services in Broken Arrow.

With spring weather comes many pests like ants, spiders and of course, termites. These pests are already present in most cases but spring weather brings spikes in humidity and temperature which makes termites swarm. With so much sandy loam soil in the Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby and Coweta area termites tend to be a bigger problem then areas with other soil types. These loose, sandy loam soils are easy for termites to forage through and establish colonies. It also doesn't help that Oklahoma is a high activity state for termites.

If you encounter a termite swarm in or around your home/business, you likely need a termite treatment. We highly suggest having a termite inspection to see if any visible damages can be found. We suggest a treatment regardless of damages as termites will not go away unless properly treated.

In many cases you have the options of choosing a chemical treatment better known as a perimeter termite treatment or baiting the property. Either way some type of termite service is necessary to stop the colony and future damages to the structure. EnviroTech Exterminating offers both types of services with top rated products. You get local service from a local company right here in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The job will be done properly with one goal in mind, solving the termite problem you are dealing with. For more on an EnviroTech Exterminating termite treatment or termite services please visit our termite services in Broken Arrow website.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Ant Control Broken Arrow

Ant Control Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

     Spring is here and springtime means ant time. Ants are a serious problem during the spring months. As a matter of fact, ants are the number one call we get this time of year. So, what can be done about your ant problem? You could do an EnviroTech Exterminating Ant Service. We service the Broken Arrow, Bixby and Jenks metro area.

Why use EnviroTech?  Our service is done using one of the best products available for ants. We do an exterior perimeter service treating all the weep holes, the window sills and entry points. We also use a food bait around the exterior to provide the ants what they are looking for. In extreme cases additional interior baiting may be needed. This all works to infect the ants foraging and then returning to the nest site. These ants then transfer to insecticide to other ants through the social behavior they exhibit. In time, the colony simply implodes.

This ant treatment is unlike any ant service you have likely had in the past. It's highly effective and the results are Guaranteed.  For more on your Ant Control Broken Arrow please visit us online.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Pest Control Services in Broken Arrow

Our Pest Control website revision is now complete. Other than a few tweaks to the site it's up and running. Most of the focus has been with a site that functions on multiple platforms and devices. The goal was anybody on an iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Microsoft Surface, Mac, Windows machine have the same experience on the website. I believe we were able to achieve that goal.

With the new look and functionality any ideas to improve the site would be welcome. Of course the feedback would help and any glitches, errors noticed would certainly be appreciated. Focusing on serving our customers with the best pest control services in the local Broken Arrow metro means also offering a site that is easy to navigate, feels right and is clear about the intent. To take a look at our pest control site please follow the link Pest Control Services in Broken Arrow for more details.

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