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Friday, August 23, 2013

Pest Control in Broken Arrow

Pest Control in Broken Arrow

Did you know that Broken Arrow, Oklahoma has it's fair share of pests! Pest Control can be a necessity locally with our weather patterns and such high populations of Spiders, Ants, Termites and other pests. Even Mosquitoes thrive here during the summer.

One way to minimize Mosquito bites is to not wear perfume and control your breathing. Mosquitoes are attracted to scents and Carbon Dioxide... So, don't go out on the back porch after working out and minimize the fragrances you wear if you plan to work or play outside.

Spiders can be a good pest as they control other insects. We however don't need Black Widow Spiders and Brown Recluse Spiders in the home. Knocking down webs can help minimize or reduce spider populations.

Ants love food and water. They forage for these as they cannot survive without. Keep the counter top clean, sugar and other products in sealed containers and don't leave open pop bottles and food in the trash can for more time than needed.

Termite Control is a whole different matter as Termite Colonies live under ground. This is a matter than requires professional assistance. Please contact us if you believe Termites are infesting your home.

If you have done all these things and you still have pest problems than pest control services may be needed. If you are looking for Pest Control in Broken Arrow consider our services.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Pest Control Companies in Broken Arrow, OK

Pest Control Companies in Broken Arrow, OK

There are a number of good Pest Control Companies in Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks and the Tulsa metro area. Some of these companies offer excellent pest control services and some simply don't. Considering the consumer has numerous choices when selecting a pest control company, making a smart, informed choice is important. Pest control is very competitive in Broken Arrow and the surrounding metro areas of Jenks, Bixby and Tulsa. So, what separates EnviroTech Exterminating from many other pest service companies?

EnviroTech Exterminating offers a wide range of services to help minimize pests. Not every pest problem is the same and sometime pest solutions require thinking outside the box. Doing just the minimum isn't enough. Many pest control companies do exactly that, the minimum.

What does the minimum mean? Well, the minimum is simply showing up and quickly placing an exterior perimeter barrier around the outside of the home. Numerous pest control companies make a good living off doing the minimum. They show up and ten minutes later they are off to the next home to once again do the minimum. This is not what a Integrated Pest Control "IPM" is. When doing the exterior perimeter properly it cannot be done in ten minutes. Our outside barriers our done with a barrier around all lower windows, doors, garage frames, three feet up the side and three feet out from the home to put a good, protective barrier around the home. This cannot be done to satisfaction in 10 minutes.

Would you go and trust a Doctor that simply looks you over for a couple minutes and makes a diagnosis? What if you had an infection but the Doctor didn't run any blood work? Doing the minimum is just not enough. You wouldn't trust a Doctor that doesn't run tests so why would you pay for a pest control program that only provides minimum treatment. Better yet just the minimum required services to get by.

Why is the minimum not enough? Unless using a high end, expensive pest control product doing the minimum only offer's minimum pest control. The barrier is vulnerable breakdown by the harsh outside elements such as rain, sleet, snow, heat, direct sunlight. Pesticides break down in time. Some have a shorter break down period than others, not all pest control products are equal. A cheap pesticide with a 30 day residual may only last 10-15 days on the exterior of a home. If your pest control company does the minimum then it is essential that they use products designed to last longer than the minimum. Why would they want to do the minimum? Well, I'll leave that question for you to figure out.

Every pest control company has customers that do only want the exterior treated. There is nothing wrong with this as long as the pest control company is thorough in their work, uses products that are designed for extra long residuals and products designed to be more resistant to rain, harsh sunlight and the elements here in Oklahoma. If the products being used are of inferior quality or lower cost then there is a really good chance that you will have pests like spiders and ants in your garage, home taking over. I'm not saying with even the best treatment and products that you will never have pests such as these. The entire idea of Pest Control is that of controlling them, minimizing the amount of bugs, pests that you see. Providing quality service, care and pest control is what it's all about.

One other thought to keep in mind is that not all exterminators are equal. Not every exterminator is going to have the training, knowledge and abilities to provide excellent service to the customer. If your pest control operator does not love their job then they could be lazy and incompetent. Even worse than lazy and incompetent are that they could be doing as little as possible to help your situation. Don't trust your pest control, your money with somebody lazy and/or incompetent. The truth is not every pest control company has a customer first attitude.

EnviroTech Exterminating offers a wide variety of pest control services designed with the customers situation in mind. We custom tailor a pest control plan that works for your specific structure type, pests present and with care. EnviroTech offers Termite Control Programs, Mosquito Control Programs, Pest Control Programs and Nuisance Wildlife Removal Services. If you are service pest control companies in the Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks and Tulsa metro area then consider the services of EnviroTech.

EnviroTech Exterminating Won Kudos 2012 Award for Best of the Best in January 2013.

Visit Pest Control Companies today to see more information about our services or call (918) 282-7621 to schedule an evaluation or pest control services.

EnviroTech Exterminating is locally owned and operated in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and provides pest control services to the local Tulsa metro area including Jenks and Bixby. EnviroTech is owner operated and provide services with care. We are a leader in the Tulsa area of Green Pest Control Services providing excellent care with the highest of quality products available.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mosquito Control Services in Broken Arrow

EnviroTech Exterminating offers mosquito control services in broken arrow, Oklahoma and the surrounding Tulsa metro area. Our professional exterminators will inspect your property for any issues that could be hot beds of mosquitoes and mosquito breeding then provide services to help reduce these pests. West Nile Virus is known to spread from the mosquito and reduction in these pests helps minimize the chances or spread of this virus.

Although mosquitoes cannot be eliminated the program is designed to reduce numbers and minimize the health hazards these pests present. It's hard enough to go BBQ in the back yard when huge numbers of mosquitoes are present. Get your yard back by calling today.

EnviroTech offers Mosquito Control Services in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Jenks, Bixby and the surrounding metro area. Our pest control services are safe for your pets and family in that the utmost care is given during applications. For more on a Mosquito Control Program contact EnviroTech Exterminating today.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tips To Reduce Pests For Oklahoma Business Owners, Pest Control

Oklahoma Business Owners: 10 Tips To Reduce Pests

Protect your Tulsa area business from the threat of pest infestations with these Pest Control Tips.

As a business owner, you are probably well aware of the importance of maintaining a safe working environment. One thing that can hurt your image and reputation are insects, rodents and nuisance wildlife. A filthy workplace increases the risk for injury as well as illness and disease. Pests such as cockroaches, spiders, ants, silverfish, termites and nuisance wildlife can cost you if not dealt with in timely fashion. This controllable problem can become a serious problem. So, to help avoid any of the above situations, here are 10 tips to Reduce Pests.
1)         The first thing any business should do is sign up for regular scheduled pest control services to protect your business year round. In addition to your own pest prevention measures, having regular commercial pest control services is essential to avoiding the threats that pests bring.
2)         Inspect the exterior of the facility and fill in or close off any cracks, holes, or other openings. You want to provide as few entry points as possible to minimize pest problems.
3)         Make sure all doors or entry areas are protected with screens or other barriers. Facilities with loading docks may want to consider flaps or other large screens that will help keep pests from getting inside.
4)         Take the trash outside at the end of every day because trash is the starting point for most pest problems. Pests such as rodents, cockroaches and flies thrive in conditions where trash is not properly dealt with.
5)         Be sure that dumpsters are located away from the exterior of the facility since they tend to attract flies and many other critters. A good rule of pest control is to keep the dumpsters as far away as possible. All dumpsters or other trash receptacles need to be closed off with lids. Also, do not allow cardboard boxes, crates or other trash to accumulate outside the dumpster.
6)         All food surfaces should be sanitized before and after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease from pests like flies.
7)         Any open food should be sealed in airtight containers so that pests cannot gain access.
8)         Always take cardboard outside instead of letting it pile up in the facility. This only creates conditions in which roaches and flies can multiply. Clutter should always be kept to a minimum, even eliminated altogether so that pests do not have the opportunity to hide and multiply.
9)         Heavy landscaping and water features can attract pest such as spiders, cockroaches, ants, birds, nuisance wildlife animals that could easily become an ongoing problem.
10)       Implement employee training so that staff can recognize the signs of pests as well as knowing exactly how to report a pest problem with discretion.

To learn more about Commercial Pest Control Services in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby, Oklahoma, contact EnviroTech Exterminating today at (918) 282-7621. We offer a variety of pest control services custom tailored to fit your business or residential pest control needs. Our specialized pest control programs are safe, effective and allow you to get back to doing what's important.
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