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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mole and Gopher Control Services

Mole and Gopher Control Services.
By Billy Howard - EnviroTech Exterminating

Nobody wants a yard full of Moles, Gophers or Voles. These mammals can destroy a yard while taking the good bugs from the soil. Moles detect movement in the soil by beneficial insects and worms. These are the Moles primary food source. The problem with this is the soil is aerated by worms and grubs. If the beneficials are reduced or removed from a yard than the yard dies!!!!

Gophers eat away at the roots of plants and grasses. These pests can be devastating for a garden or farm. Those new plants you worked so hard planting will likely not live if you have a gopher problem.

Another pest that destroys yard are Voles. These pests are vegetarian and much like gophers eat away at roots. They tunnel and destroy vegetation along the way.

So, why are these pests so hard to deal with? One thing these pests all have in common is very high metabolisms. They also have very fast reproductive rates. The mole has one of the fastest metabolisms of any mammal and this is why most poisons are not effective when it comes to mole control. So, what can be done about moles?

EnviroTech Exterminating offers Mole and Gopher Control Services. We apply repellants that drive these pests from the yard. If the food tastes bad, they move on to find better hunting grounds. How is this treatment performed? The EPA Exempt product is applied directly to the yard and around the area of infestation. The area then will need watered for at least twenty minutes, then the process is repeated 14 day's later. We then recommend regular applications on a thirty day interval.

Where are these services available? EnviroTech services the metro Tulsa area including Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby and Owasso. If you live in the Tulsa metro area, your in the service area.

Who much does this service cost? The cost of this service is based on yard size. The program has an initial treatment fee with follow-up services provided at a drastically reduced rate once the problem is controlled. All pricing is based on yard size.

Why is this a better method of dealing with Moles and Gophers than trapping or poisoning these animals? The problem with poison is these animals can come above ground when they are dying. If a dog or cat finds a poisoned mole or vole they may eat the animal, put the animal in their mouths and possibly ingest poisons. Trapping the animals is a great idea and works but trapping alone may costs hundreds of dollars only to see the moles, voles and/or gophers your neighbors have move into the tunnels the trapped ones built. These animals are opportunistic and will take over a tunnel that is good feeding grounds.

1)     It changes the living environment of these pests to make the             foods they feed on taste bad.
2)     There are no bad smells during or after application.
3)     All products DO NOT HARM ANIMALS and may be                   safely used near people and pets.

If this program sounds like what your looking for, call us today at (918) 282-7621. We are always happy to discuss pest problems. You can also visit online at Mole and Gopher Control to read more about these pests.

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