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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Termite Inspection Reports, Home Inspections in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby

In the process of buying a home? If so it's likely you will need an Oklahoma ODAFF1 Inspection Report completed for the lender. EnviroTech Exterminating offers Termite Reports or what's called Wood Infestation Reports for the local Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby and Jenks metro area.

*** Why do I need a Wood Infestation Report when purchasing a home? Well, this is Oklahoma and we are considered a High Activity State when it comes to Termites and other Wood Destroying Organism's.

Termites Depicted
Termites eat away at the structure and do Billions in damages across the nation every year. This is a pest that does not just go away and conventional Pest Control will not solve the problem as the Termite Colony lives underground. It is important to the lender loaning the funds on a home to know to a certain point that the home is not completely eaten up to the ground by Termites.

If Termite activity is found or evidence of any Termite activity then a Termite Treatment or Control program will be called for.

*** Do Termite Companies alway's find Termites when they are infesting a home?  Absolutely not! Termites live subterranean or under ground. If the infestation is not to the point of finding physical evidence then it is possible to not find proof necessary to call for a Termite Treatment.

If you are buying a home that has been remodeled hidden damage could potentially be covered up. Not all Sellers are honest people and thousands of homes are sold each and every year where Termites are infesting the home but the seller has opted to replace sheetrock or other damaged items in an effort to potentially save money on the expense of a Termite Treatment. This does not mean all remodeled homes have Termites. Only a small fraction of homeowners selling fall into this category of covering up damages.

Here's an example of a Termite Inspection I personally did where the owner tried to cover damages:

I found small pieces of evidence of Termites in a Garage that had the entire inside wall re-sheetrocked. The homeowner painted the wall, did a very good job covering up the evidence but missed one small spot on the outer edge. When I asked about why a garage would need to be remodeled they claimed just for looks but the home had other places inside that could have been better served for a remodel. Things just didn't make sense. Good thing I found a Termite Tube and Frass by the garage door on a stud running up the wall that was slightly exposed.

This is what makes doing a Termite Inspection sometimes a difficult Inspection. Had the issue's not been found the buyers of that home would have purchased it and later found they had Termites. It's much better to have the owner of a home pay for the Termite Treatment while it's their home then to have the expense carried over to the buyer when the seller has hidden the damages.

*** Are Wood Infestation Reports costly?  Not typically, they vary in cost based on a few things. The size of the home being one, is the home a slab foundation or a crawl space, location or is the home local.

Crawl Space homes typically will cost more as the inspector has to crawl under the home and inspect.

If Termites are found or evidence of Termite who treats for them? You are free to chose whomever you want to treat for Termites. We however do offer excellent treatment options for Termites and would like you consideration.

*** What about Wood Rot?  WoodRot is optional and is a separate inspection report than the ODAFF1.

We highly suggest that anybody purchasing a home have the home not only inspected for Termites but also for WoodRot. A separate graph is made depicting the wood rot damages on the home and this is attached to the ODAFF1 Report. This graph can be used for having repairs done that you and/or your Realtor is including with the TRR Report otherwise known as the Treatments, Repairs and Replacements page of your purchase contract.

If you have a need for a Inspection call us today. For more information on Termite Treatment and Control visit us online at Termite Treatment today. If you are in need of a Termite Inspection Report and would like more information visit Termite Inspections

EnviroTech Exterminating is locally owned and operated in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. If you need Pest Control Services or a Termite Inspection Call (918) 282-7621 Today.

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