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Friday, May 4, 2012

EnviroTech Exterminating: Pest Control Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow

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 This week has been filled with needs for pest control. All the rain we have received has got pests, bugs and so forth really moving around. The humidity also makes Reproductive Termites Swarm.  We have seen numerous homes infested with Termites here locally. I wanted to touch the subject of Termite Treatment and the options of Baits vrs Liquid Treatment. 

I was in Jenks looking at a home the other day when I noticed a home with a termite situation. The home had previously been treated by another company with bait stations.  Somehow, the new owners didn't know who monitored the system or what to do about it. The problem however is that they have termites. Why would they have termites when these bait stations are in the ground?  That's the $1500 question!

Bait Stations require regular monitoring. They also typically are sold with no active termiticide product in them. They contain wood products that in time, maybe 2 months, maybe 2 years, the termites will hit them. Then, the company monitoring puts the baits in the stations.  So, you could already be having termites invade your home while in the waiting stages.  Bait Stations do work but have their limitations. They are also expensive and cost hundreds every year to monitor. Once you stop paying to monitor your investment is basically GONE!

Liquid treatment typically cost less than Bait Stations. The liquid product is in the ground, provides protection for many years and requires much less monitoring. This in turn saves you money and since it's already doing it's job it helps keep new infestations away and knocks out current infestations. In my opinion, it's a no brainer when choosing Liquid Termite Treatment over Bait Systems.  In cases where drilling is impossible or not wanted then Bait Termite Systems are needed.

If you have a termite issue or would like termite treatment please call us at (918) 282-7621. We service Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Tulsa and the surrounding metro Tulsa area.

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