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Friday, December 30, 2011

Bed Bug Repellant - Does It Work?

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Bed Bug Repellent – Does It Work?

Does Lysol Kill Bed Bugs?
Similarly to common insecticide spray, Lysol itself will kill the bed bugs only if you sprayed directly on the bugs with it. Areas sprayed and treated with this disinfectant will only keep bed bugs away while it is still wet otherwise once it dries, the bed bugs will return again.
Does Alcohol Kill Bed Bugs?
Alcohol will kill bed bugs on contact and can be apply similarly like a bed bug spray. While it can be use temporaily as a bed bug repellent, it need to be used often to control an infestation since it does not remain long enough on the surfaces to continue killing the bugs. As such, it is not a very effective way to get rid of bed bugs permanently.


Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?
While bleach does kill bed bugs, the method is not recommended. Bleach will ruin carpet, furniture, mattresses and paint as well as also cause irritation to your skin. It is best to limit its use for killing bed bugs in items you can launder and hard surfaces that are bleach safe.

Does Boric Acid Kill Bed Bugs?
Boric acid is often used as an insecticide and repellent for the control of cockroaches, termites, fleas, silverfish, and many other insects. However boric acid is a stomach posion and the commerical attractants maunfactured in it to attract common insects will not work on bed bugs since bed bugs are attracted by carbon dioxide and will only feed on blood. Furthermore, boric acid is especially toxic to small children and animals and can cause serious kidney damage when accidentally consumed.
Bottom line, bed bugs are resourceful, opportunistic and are a very hardy pest and currently, there are no known medically proven bedbug-proof repellent that will work 100 percent to repel them or their bites.   Creams or lotions for the skin will not stop their growing populations which can escalate into a full blown bed bug infestation within the house or apartment.

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